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Our investment group UNIREAL HK Inc. has been showing a high success rate for a long time and continues to grow. We jointly create values for the benefit of all our partners, shareholders and employees. We also run other companies that show positive growth in various fields of business.

Our investment group services

We help companies and individuals to grow their business. We also welcome new ventures with an elaborated business plan and good vision. Our core investment services that we provide include Venture Capital, Restructuring, Real Estate and Bonds.

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Venture capital

We provide venture capital from our own funds. It is a form of co-financing of private companies which focuses on solving problems obtaining loans for companies that have a high quality and competitive business plan. The principle of venture capital lies in the fact that the investor makes a deposit into the company's fixed capital or increases it. This funding is also called development or venture capital and comprises several types of financing: pre-start, start, initial development, development, saving, debt financing and acquisition financing.


We help you resolve the situation when your company faces bankruptcy or other problems. We suggest appropriate solutions and provide you with comprehensive services through which it will be possible to improve the situation and come to the company's overall recovery and subsequent growth.

Real Estate

We focus on implementation, reconstruction of large and small development projects. This area includes lands, housing and residential constructions, commercial and office spaces and logistics, light industry and other real estate investment opportunities.


UNIREAL HK Inc. provides financing of investment and operational activities. Financing through bonds brings major benefits and is substitute for bank financing. The main advantage is that you are not dependent on a bank institution that issues bonds for the period of time that coincides with the life of the investment.

  • Administration - the process of issuing bonds with UNIREAL HK Inc. is easier than approving loans in banks.

  • Interest rate - UNIREAL HK Inc. defines an interest rate they want to pay to investors. The interest rate is often higher than the one on commercial loans.

  • Maturity - UNIREAL HK Inc. issues bonds for the period of time that coincides with the life of the investment, thus it is not dependent on a bank.

  • Securing bonds - UNIREAL HK Inc. specifies what the bonds will be secured with, it is possible to issue unsecured and secured bonds.

Investment coins

Our investment company specialises in capital valorisation. We also invest in precious metals, exclusively in numismatics. We are contractual partners of the Czech National Bank – ČNB and National Bank of Slovakia – NBS. We provide services to all who want stable and conservative preservation of their financial resources. Investing in precious metals is a traditional investment method of capital valorisation, proved by time. More »

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